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About Me

"My current focus to serve clients in their growth cycles from struggle to triumph has crystallized over the last few years. I have deepened my interest in expertise through graduate studies in psychology, and have been supplementing my qualifications, and integrating them into a holistic approach that addresses the mental, emotional, and physiological aspects of my clients. Be they corporate executives looking to grow their impact; socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals in recovery looking to build a better life; or disenfranchised and traumatized women and children seeking their place of meaning."

Professional Experience

2015 - Present

2015 - Present

2016 - Present

2009 - 2015

2008 - 2014

1998 - 2008

Wellness & Mindset Coach

  • For VP Finance, information technology-sector company – devised program that increased confidence, and was material in securing promotion to CFO

  • For CFO Manufacturing, Food Industry. Focus on stress reduction and align strategy and practices to culture of company. - For Executive Committee Team - information technology-sector company – devised program for team health and well-being.

Recovery Coach

  • Serve the Capital Regional Office of the Anti-Drug Abuse Council , Phil. Dept of Health

  • Train first-line counselors (local government unit political leaders and health services workers) to deliver first-step interventions to initiate individual substance abuse addiction journeys

  • Counseling approach centers on intake methodologies

  • Department of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Taguig City, Metro Manila o Provide counseling services to judicially mandated treatment center residents

  • Draw on my multidisciplinary approach to support individuals dealing with complex social situations

  • Case Manager/Recovery Coach 2015-2019

  • Family Wellness Center Foundation

  • Outpatient Addiction Rehabilitation & Relapse Prevention Facility.

Yoga Instructor & Coach

  • Practice multiple types of yoga (Hatha, Yin, and Restorative) to meet clients’ unique needs

  • Draw on yoga disciplines to supplement physiological aspects of wellness and mindset

    coaching, to create body-based solutions that maximize client’s resourcefulness in dealing

    with stress

  • Design and deliver specific classes and programs as part of group therapy processes

  • provide service to private individual clients as part of their addiction counseling therapy


  • Yoga therapy coach corporate clients. Bespoke programs for Executive committee members

    and talent support.

  • Trauma Informed Yoga for Children – to support and enable therapies at shelters for

    trafficked individuals

  • Yoga for Cancer – to supplement wellness programs for breast cancer survivors

Contract Writer

  • For VP Finance, information technology-sector company – devised program that increased confidence, and was material in securing promotion to CFO

  • Research assistant on reports on range of policy and development trends topics

  • (Philippines and ASEAN context) for academic institutions.

  • Columnist, Philippine Star . A national daily broadsheet English language paper. Features Section column “Kramer verses Kramer”

  • Feature Writer, Travel Magazine Philippines . A leading tourism sector consumer title magazine.

Freelance Researcher/Writer

  • Conduct research for clients on the economic policy and development trends in energy and agriculture industries in the Philippines and ASEAN countries.

  • Columnist Philippine Star

  • Contributing writer TravelLife Magazine, Philippines

Corporate Social Responsibility,
Program Manager Sustainability

S.O.C.I.B, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Caserta, Italy

S.O.C.I.B Società Capua Group Imbottigliamento Bevande Gassate one of three bottlers of Coca-Cola in Italy operating 4 bottling plants in southern Italy and Sardegna ( Bari, Cagliari, Marcianise, and Reggio Calabria)

  • Developed social purpose initiatives within the local community

  • Developed partnerships with non-profit associations and cultural

  • Councils to promote their causes

  • Edited English language presentations, articles, speeches, and PR

  • Packets to communicate impact of company programs.

  • Culminating project was coordinating local community

  • Engagement planning for collection and recycling campaign of PET plastic bottles.

1991 - 1992

Research & Teaching Assistant

  • Department of Economics, Fordham University, Bronx, NY Graduate Student Assistant


Assumption College – San Lorenzo, Makati.

Graduate School of Psychology


Fordham University – Rose Hill, Bronx, New York M.A.,

International Political Economy and Development


University of California – Berkeley, Berkeley, California Double Major
B.A., Political Science

B.A., Development Studies

Certifications / Workshops

Department of Health – Rehabilitation Practitioner Accreditation by Dangerous Drug Board. May 2016


Mindfulness Self-Compassion in Psychiatry 8-week Workshop. July 2017


Embody Lab Internal Family Systems Level 1 & 2


Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Mindfulness and Yoga for Children Level 1

Trauma Informed Yoga for Children
Yoga for Cancer

Vishoka Meditation
LAP Breathework Training

Added Details

Language skills: fully fluent in Tagalog and Italian.

Under development: The Sisa Project... platform for issues on women, children, gender, inclusion

Hobbies and interests include Muai Thai boxing, , flamenco dance, modern ballet, exploration through travel.

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